Troubleshoot AOL Mail Error Code 502

AOL Mail Error Code 502 can be encounter by the users due to low internet connection or any other technical glitches. If you are facing such type of error on your AOL mail account, then do nothing except making a call on the above helpline number. After doing this, you will be in connection with tech-savvy person who has immense years of experience. And because of that your entire query will be terminated from top-to-toe and you will surely be happy.

Steps To Troubleshoot AOL Mail Error Code 502

AOL Mail Error Code 502

  • First of all you should check if your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) is resolving correctly
  • Verify that if your server is reachable by using a ping test
  • Now, check your firewall logs if you are seeing unusual drops
  • Perform a hard-refresh in your browser
  • On Mac, refresh will be done by pressing Cmd + Shift + R
  • And then clear your browser cache and delete cookies. Your browser may be holding on to certain files that were saved when you have visited the website with a 502 error
  • Restart your computer/networking equipment

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