Download AOL Desktop Gold For Windows And Mac

AOL Desktop Gold software, an application driven by AOL that facilitates access to web browsing, emailing, web browsing and IM conversations, every single one from the same application. You can easily Download AOL Desktop Gold software and its other versions both latest and old like AOL Gold, AOL 7.0, AOL 9.7, AOL 9.8 and other AOL browser from our website for free.

The idea was not bad but it was not unique either as we’ve seen this type of venture a lot of times before and one of them being the old AOL Suite, fueled by the identical class of rule that AOL Desktop Gold Software has running underneath its hood.

Features which makes AOL Desktop Gold software better compared to the old suite are its look fresh , improved performance and a different approach in functionality and also integrates an instantaneous messaging client, an email component, and a web browser, with extra focus on the latter other than everything else.

Download AOL Desktop Gold Software

Steps To Download AOL Desktop Gold

Download AOL Desktop Gold

You will have three levels, based on which you need to follow the process for downloading Desktop Gold.

  1. If you are having a Membership

If you’re already a member or if you are using AOL Advantage Plan Membership then AOL will not cost you with any additional charges. Follow the following steps to get the AOL Desktop Gold installed:

  • Sign in to your AOL Account
  • You will find “All Products”, scroll down to “AOL Desktop Gold”.
  • Click “Download”
  • Now to install the AOL Desktop gold follow the installation process mentioned below.
  1. If you are having AOL Subscription or you have AOL Desktop Gold Trial

If you have the subscription or else if you have AOL Desktop Gold Trial then you need to carry out the following process to get the AOL Desktop Gold downloaded:

  • First of all sign into “
  • Click “Manage My Subscriptions”
  • Now click on to “Premium Subscription” tab
  • Click “Get Started” under “AOL Desktop Gold”
  • And finally to install, follow the following mentioned “installation steps”
  1. If you have received Official AOL Sign up Confirmation Email

Sometimes AOL send you the signup confirmation to your Email address, so you can make changes and download the AOL Desktop Gold from there as well. To get started to follow the following steps:

  • Search for the AOL Mail in your inbox, subjected as “Get Started With AOL Desktop Gold” or “Start Enjoying New AOL Desktop”
  • If you find the mail, open it.
  • Click on “Download AOL Desktop Gold” or “Update Now”
  • Search in your Download folder for the file and click “Save”
  • Now, to install follow the following mentioned “Installation”

Get In Touch With AOL Support For Instant Remedy


You can contact the AOL Professional Technicians for help and support. They will provide you the help you need and solve each and every issue of yours. To contact AOL Professionals, you need to call AOL Desktop Gold Support Number+1-855-969-3589 (Toll-Free). .