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How To Transfer AOL Favorites?

There are basically 3-ways to Transfer AOL Favorites With just a few clicks you can easily import your favorites from other browsers into AOL Shield Pro. If you get confused or have any doubts regarding this transferring process, get connected with a team of professional staff. They will make you understand the whole procedure at an ease manner so that you can do the same thing on your own without facing any obstacle.

Transfer AOL Favorites

The AOL Favorites is a feature that you can avail and access it whenever you sign up on AOL account. It allows you to bookmark any site you want and save it on your account. If it is needed to transfer these bookmarks to another browser, you can do so with a browser plugin or by copying them manually. You can also transfer your favorites from one version of AOL to another if you have a new computer. Here, in this blog, you will find the easier way of doing such thing. Hence, continue read out this content till the end and follow up the instructions carefully. You may also get a handy solution from our experts’ hand but for that, you will have to avail our top-notch AOL Customer Support.

Methods To Transfer AOL Favorites

There are total 3-ways to transfer the AOL favorites. Just have a glimpse of the below-mentioned methods:

  1. Using The Favorites Plugin: The plugin can be installed in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Follow the below steps:
  • First of all open the AOL Favorites page in your web browser
  • Now, click the “Download Now” button to install it from your browser’s plugin explorer
  • After the plugin installed, click the AOL Favorites button
  • Click “Sign-in” and enter the login information into the required field
  • Click the Gear button in the Favorites plugin menu
  • Now, tap the “Export” button
  • After exporting your favorites, you can uninstall the plugin if you don’t want to be used it anymore
  1. Manually Transfer Favorites: If you only want to transfer a few of favorites, it will be easier to copy them manually and transfer them one-by-one. To do it, follow the below steps:
  • Firstly, sign in to the AOL Desktop program
  • Now, click the “Favorites” button
  • Right-click one of the Favorite sites you want to transfer and then select “Edit”
  • After that highlight the website address
  • Now, click the “Copy” button or else press “Ctrl + C”
  • Open the browser you want to add the Favorite
  • Right-click the address bar and then select “Paste”
  • Add the address to your browser’s bookmarks bar by pressing the “Bookmark” button
  • You can also repeat the copy, paste and bookmark process for any other Favorites you want to transfer

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Get Together With Our Techies For One-Stop Solution


Have you gone through this 2-methods one-by-one? But yet you can’t transfer the Favorites in your AOL account? Really so? Just, do one thing now, take your phone in your hand and put a call at AOL Tech Support Number. Here, your call will be entertained with our technical engineers who have hands of experience. They will definitely troubleshoot all your complicated hurdles within a minute.