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How To Setup Outgoing AOL Mail In Any Email Program?

If you access your AOL Mail account using a different email client and want to be able to send AOL email, you can Setup Outgoing AOL Mail-In Any Email Program. You can do it through AOL’s server by entering the correct configuration information of your email client. Enter the general configuration information into the fields whether you are using Microsoft Outlook, Windows 10 Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or any other email provider.

Setup Outgoing AOL Mail In Any Email Program

If you use another email server to send or respond AOL Mail, then send it through AOL’s servers. However, AOL’s servers provide the benefit of the emails you send which will show up in the Sent Mail folder in your AOL account. Doesn’t matter which email client or app you are using, simply enter the same outgoing configuration information. It doesn’t matter whether your account uses POP3 or IMAP protocol. If you have done already set up the process into an account, go to that account and look for the outgoing mail fields.  If you haven’t already set up an account, look for New Account. The New Account location varies among providers, but it isn’t usually difficult to find. You can take technical advice from experts hand with the help of AOL Mail Customer Service. You only require to grab it and discuss your doubt with technicians.

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Methods To Setup Outgoing AOL Mail-In Any Email Program

If you are wandering to know the process of setting up AOL Mail, then stop there and just read out this article carefully. A glimpse on the below-mentioned steps:

  • Set the outgoing AOL Mail first
  • Address SMTP mail server via
  • Enter your AOL Mail screen name in the SMTP username field. You will find your AOL screen name before “”
  • Enter your AOL Mail password as the password
  • Now, set the SMTP server port to 587
  • For TLS/SSL required, select Yes to make sure SSL encryption is enabled

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Have you through all the above-written steps one by one? Are you still not able to do set up? If really so, then don’t feel disheartened! We have dexterous techies working day and night continuously only to deliver the quick information to the helpless users. You only should have to put a call at AOL Support Number and stay tuned with a team of professional staff.