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How To Connect An AOL Email To Outlook?

You can manage all your personal and business emails in one place while keeping them separate when you Connect An AOL Email to Outlook. So, if your personal life requires frequent traveling, connecting such an AOL Email to Outlook will help you to manage entire emails at one place. It generally means that you don’t require to open both the Email accounts for reading. You can even open any one of them and get all the information whatever is there on your mail.

There is an IMAP settings option available into the AOL Email through which you can get help in connecting with Outlook. So, don’t worry! If you have taken the decision to add this two account. You can do so very easily or if finding any type of difficulties, then take assistance from well-professional staff. They will guide you how exactly it could be done. Moreover, you may also Update AOL Email Account to cope with this issue.

Steps to Connect An AOL Email to Outlook

Connect An AOL Email To Outlook

Fortunately, adding a new email account in Outlook is a process that only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is to keep your eyes feast on the below points and follow all these mentioned procedures carefully:

  • First of all, click on the “File” tab and then click “Add Account”
  • Now, select the “Manual Setup or Additional Server Types” check box
  • After that select “POP or IMAP” from the available option and then click “Next”
  • Enter your full name and AOL email address
  • Under Server Information, select the desired Account type. Microsoft recommends IMAP as it stores your emails on a server
  • Type IMAP AOL type domain name into the incoming mail server box
  • Type “” in the Outgoing Mail Server box
  • Now, type you full AOL email account name and password into the login information section and then click “Next”
  • After that click on “More Settings”
  • Mark a tick into the check box “My server requires additional authentication”
  • Make sure the “Test Account Settings” box is checked and then click “Next”
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Make Connection With Techies To Get Handy Remedy

AOL Support Number

Are you still not able to connect your AOL Email Account to Outlook? Have you followed up all the above information properly? If really so, then don’t get worried! There is one another option in your hand, that is to make a connection with skilled techies. You just only have to give a ring at AOL Technical Support Number and then get united with techies in a hassle-free way.