How To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail: Quick And Easy Steps

Both AOL and Gmail are quite popular names among the email service providers. There are several causes to migrate from AOL to Gmail. For example, AOL’s database connectivity is somewhat slow for which receiving or delivering message becomes problematic at times. So, to help you out in this regard, we have come up with some tactics that can help you to learn Forward AOL Mail to Gmail.

It is possible to forward all your emails from AOL to Gmail via auto forward method. At the same time, Gmail lets you store all the messages in one place only. Since AOL does not have this feature in it, so it is better to fetch email from AOL server by setting up a Gmail account. You can even set up services to preserve local images of all the messages so that you can access your emails from anywhere.

Forward AOL Mail To Gmail

How To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail

This section of the article consists of several methods by which you can set up a Gmail account to shift all the AOL messages instantly.

Method 1: Transfer Mails Manually

Tap on the Gear button from the inbox of Gmail. Then, go to the Settings and access the same for your mail account.

Hit on Accounts and choose the option saying Add A POP3 Email Account Automatically from the Inspect Mail From Another Accounts tab. Also, ensure that the account you choose uses POP3.

Now, access the entire email address of the AOL account in the text bar. Then, hit on Next Step to continue.

Select the email messages setup for synchronizing them to your Gmail account. For instance; suppose you want to keep local images on the Google server. So, to enter into the communication for anywhere, verify “Keep Copy Of Retrieved Mails On Server”. Further, tap on the section saying “Always Apply Secure Connectivity (SSL) While Recovering Emails”. It enables you to download all your AOL emails safely.

Well, you are only a few steps away from learning how to forward AOL mail to Gmail. Click on the Add Account option to merge your AOL account with Gmail. Doing this will forward all the future emails on your own.

Simply, generate a custom From location by mentioning an email address on your own. Then, click on the confirmation link. Choose the section that says “Merge Other Mail Address On Your Own” under the subheading of Deliver Mail As. In this context, it is better to use the Gmail’s server to keep your private and business emails apart from each other. However, you can still access your emails from the same account.

In order to forward your AOL mail location to your Gmail account, download the wizard of AOL’s Easy Transfer. Then, download and execute the application of Express Switching. Again, tap on the email location of your newly created Gmail account along with previous AOL account. Tap on Switch, then exit the page by clicking on Close. This action will continue to transfer all your AOL emails for 30 days till you drop this service.

Method 2: Auto-Forward

If the above method didn’t help you out, then try the Auto forward method. Simply, sign in to AOL mail. Now, set up the mail forwarding process on your new Gmail account. It will redirect all the AOL emails to the Gmail account automatically. Here is how to do it.

First, Tap on the Settings option present at the upper-right side of the page. Then, go to the Accounts And Import section to merge link of a mail account (using POP3) on your own. You will get this option from under/next to inspect mail from the section using POP3.

After that, type your AOL email id in the address box. Then, hit on Next to continue. Now, check if this helped you in getting how to forward AOL mail to Gmail or not.

If so, then visit the AOL inbox and access the Google mail. Then, image the verification code in the email and put it into the code box. Finally, complete the process by selecting Verify.

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