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How To Fix AOL ESMTP Not Accepting Connections Issue?

Are you trying to send an email from your Yahoo account to a family member’s AOL account from the web app? Do you get the message “Sorry we were unable to deliver your message due to 554: ESMTP not accepting connections”? If so, then Fix AOL ESMTP Not Accepting Connections Issue within a less possible time by our technical engineers. They have hands of experience in tackling your queries.

Such a hitches is a known issue which has since been corrected. You should test your AOL account once to overcome this situation. But if nothing possible solution is coming up in your mind, then simply Reset AOL Account. After doing it you will find all your hurdles resolved from the root.

As we know AOL is famous for its mailing services, broadband services, Instant messaging services etc. AOL has maintained to be one of the best mail services and also it provides secured and privacy to its users. This is the reason it is used by millions of people to send and receive mails online.

Solution to Fix AOL ESMTP Not Accepting Connections Issue

Fix AOL Esmtp Not Accepting Connections Issue

To solve this, perform the steps below:

  • Firstly, escalate the case to T2 to request delisting from CloudMark
  • After that run your own “DNS” servers. During running it, you might be asked that Comcast delegate your reverse DNS entries to your servers
  • Now, create a “PTR” record for your email server’s host name on the IP address
  • Such an error can happen when you try to send some certain attachment. So, the solution is to just put the file into a zip and then send again
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Avail 24/7 Accessible Helpline Number For Immediate Solution

aol support number

Aren’t you satisfied with the above solutions? Need for more information regarding it to fix this error? Are you in confusion that what to do now? If really so, then give a ring at AOL Support Number +1-855-969-3589 and then get associated with skilled as well as experienced techies. They will proffer you the handy solution within a couple of seconds so that you will be happy after getting the satisfying solution.