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How to Fix AOL Error Has Occurred Message?

AOL is a well know email services which is used to receive or send emails by users. But it can also come across unexpected error message issue. Users while working with the AOL email service can encounter a message known as “AOL error has occurred” which is caused due to infinite cookies, virus issues in the system, AOL connectivity service issues in the database and installation as well as un-installation problems. So, we have explained few steps to Fix AOL Error Has Occurred Message with detailed explanation of each step.

Step to Fix AOL Error Has Occurred Message


Step 1: Clear out all browser cache as well as cookies

  • Click on the “Settings” icon which is located in the “AOL 9.0 VR toolbar”.
  • If users are currently connected to the Internet then, it is advised to click on the “Internet Properties”. If not connected to the Internet then, tap the Internet [Web] Options.
  • Select the “Clear My Footprints” tab and the “Select Footprints to Clear” icon.
  • Now, select the “Cookies and Browser Cache” icon and tap the “Clear Selected Footprints” icon. The AOL toolbar will appear as a frozen one for a while during the cache as well as cookies are completely cleared off.
  • Click the “Close” icon now.

Step 2: Scan for all the computer spyware as well as viruses.

  • The second thing is to simply clear out all the system viruses as well as dangerous spyware

Step 3: Run the AOL Quick Restore process

  • In the Windows system tray, users are requested to simply right click the “AOL icon” and then choose the “System Information” icon.
  • Select the “AOL Software” tab which is located on the left side of the account.
  • users are requested to click the “Quick Restore” icon, and then click the “OK” button
  • Tap the “Close’ icon when you are completely done with the restore process.

Step 4: Delete all the “AOL Connectivity Service (ACS) databases”

  • To do this, navigate to the Windows system tray and then, right click the AOL icon to select the “One-click Fixes” icon.
  • It is suggested to tap the “Connectivity link” which is located just under the “Categories” icon.
  • Now, simply tap the “Fix It For Me” button which is found to be located just next to the Delete ACS Databases option. Well there is one thing which needs to be taken into consideration is that “Delete ACS Databases’ option if not found to be in the system then, upgrade the AOL software.
  • Click the Continue to delete the ACS databases now
  • At last, simply “Uninstall the AOL software” by using the “AOL Uninstaller” and then reinstall it.

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