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How To Fix AOL Error Code 691?

You will see the error message “Access was denied because the username or password was invalid on the domain”. So, you can be able to Fix AOL Error Code 691 when you will be in touch with tech-specialists connoisseurs. Not even a single effort you have to put for getting the solution of this query as you will be proffered the optimum result by sitting at your home from our experienced techies.

One more error message will be displayed on your screen when getting an AOL error code 691 and that is ‘The computer you are dialing in to cannot establish a Dial-up Networking Connection. Check your password and then try again’. So, if you are getting any of these two given error message on your AOL mail account, then it means your account is filled with an error code 691. After doing that you will find all your nasty hurdles have been eradicated and now can easily access the account in a hassle-freely manner.

Solution to Fix AOL Error Code 691

Fix AOL Error Code 691

Here is the possible solution of this type of error code. So, just keep your eyes feast on the below points and do the same on your AOL account:

Check Your Username and Password: Check the username and password first by following the below steps:

  • Passwords are case sensitive. Be assure that you don’t have the CAPS LOCK key ‘ON’ while entering the password
  • Now, click on “Start” button, point to “Connect To” and then click your dialup connection
  • A new windows will open, so make sure your username is your full email address
  • And then re-enter your password in the Password field
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What if all the above steps are not working? What to do for annihilating this type of error code from the root? These questions may be raised in your mind when you are getting failed to terminate your hurdle. So, you will get the easiest possible remedy within a short span of time but before than that you have to place a call at AOL Technical Support Number. Here, you will be in connection with tech-savvy person and they will guide you in a proper way.