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How to Fix AOL Error Code 504?

This AOL error code is a server error which acts as a gateway and proxy issue to full the request by the client with an aim to access the requested URL. It defines that the server did not receive a timely response from its upstream server which is used to deal with the HTTP request. Also, it is seen that the upstream server is completely down and there is no response to the gateway as well as to the proxy instead of the upstream server.  Further the gateway or the proxy will not agree on the protocol for exchanging data. We have provided various solutions to Fix AOL Error Code 504.

Step to Fix AOL Error Code 504


Step 1: Fixing 504 errors in general mode

We know that this issue clearly arises also because of improper IP communication between back-end computers, including the Web server. Only the people who wish to set up the network at the site hosting the Web server can easily fix this problem.

Step 2: Fixing 504 errors with the Check Up Down process

Use of proxies as well as caching is increasing day by day on the Web. Well, this Check Up Down robot will help you drill through to the real world of computer which is used to host the Web site. To resolve the issue, it is necessary to have one link in the chain of computers which will be dealing with our broken HTTP request.

Step 3: 504 errors in the HTTP cycle

Here users need to obtain an IP address from the website’s IP name which should be provided by domain name servers. So, open that IP socket connection which is related to the IP address. Write an HTTP data stream with the help of a socket. Now, one needs to have an HTTP data stream from the Web server in response which will consist of status codes with values determined by the HTTP protocol. Work with the data stream for accessing the status codes and other information.

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