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How to Fix AOL Error Code 421?

The AOL error 421 is an email error which typically executes due to a temporary routing issue happening when receiving a message from the mail server’s end. According to the study these error s are not that critical and is usually be resolved automatically by users.  Well, further if we see then, one should receive a final bounce-back message if it is the case where messages completely failing to respond. If your message is getting delayed for more than 24 hours, then sometimes a “delivery has been delayed” message will appear as a soft bounce and thus it will return to you. So, to let you know about the delivery report has yet to complete successfully. Below are steps explained to Fix AOL Error Code 421.

Steps to Fix AOL Error Code 421


Step 1: Configuring the mail

  • The very first step is simply to configure user’s mail server to easily relay all their email with the help of ISP’s SMTP relays

Step 2: Configuration process

  • The next step is to carefully configure the mail server to the smart host only email which is being blocked with the help of ISP’s SMTP relays. It will allow users to fix the issue properly.

Step 3: Purchasing a third party relay service

  • The last step is to simply purchase a third party SMTP relay service which users can use to relay their email easily
  • I hope all this issue will be simply solved if you have followed all above discussed steps. But still if the error persist then, it is highly recommended to approach us at below mentioned details.

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