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How to Fix AOL Error 103A Authentication Stalled?

Many number of user’s complaint to facing errors in accessing the AOL email account.  One of these errors is Fix AOL Error 103A Authentication Stalled, which generally occurs when users are trying to sign in to AOL. You are receiving exactly the same error 103A with message “Unable to authenticate”, and you are failing to sign in to your AOL email account on AOL Desktop for Mac, then don’t need to panic. The error could happen due to several reasons like physical connections, Internet Connection, Desktop issue, Wrong entered login credentials, or even window related issues and so on. Here, the blog will guide you very easy solutions on Fix AOL Error 103A Authentication Stalled. Then just follow the steps which, given below, to solve speedily.

Step to Fix AOL Error 103A Authentication Stalled:-


Solution 1:- Check Cable Connection

Firstly, you should try to verify your Desktop connection, in order to meet the required specifications and connections. So, please check the cable that is connected properly.

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Solution 2:- Verify the Screen Name before You Type

Ensure that whose your online identity, that the AOL services identify, is your AOL screen name (i.e., your AOL email address without; for example, if your AOL email address is, your screen name is michealmarvel), AIM screen name, or CompuServe screen name, and the password associated with the screen name. Ensure that you have not made any spelling error while typing your screen name. However, if you do not have an AOL screen name, you can create one by going to “”.

Solution 3:- Check the Physical Connections


Step 1:- Confirm Splitters Are Plugged

You should need to verify that no splitters are plugged into the wall.

Step 2:- Verify Phone Lines

Ensure the phone line goes directly from the wall jack to the computer.

Step 3:- Check Phone Cord

Check that the phone cord is plugged into the jack, which is named Line or has the symbol of a phone jack, on the back of the computer. (If the phone cord is plugged into the jack that is named Phone or has the symbol of a phone, switch the cord to the jack named Line.)

Step 4:- Check the Phone Cord

Check whether the phone cord is unplugged from the back of the computer or the wall jack.

Solution 4:- Uninstall and Reinstall AOL Desktop for Mac

You should try to uninstall and reinstall AOL Desktop for Mac.

As AOL Desktop for Mac is an all-in-one application, built from the ground up for Mac users, by Mac users. It puts your web browser, instant messenger, email, and other popular features in one place for you so that you can get more done with fewer clicks.

You can get help to download AOL Desktop for Mac from connecting our AOL tech support team.

Dial AOL Technical Support Number To Avail the Online Help:-


You can feel free to contact at AOL Technical Support Number +1-855-969-3589, which is toll-free and available 24×7 days to give customer assistance. By dialing this number you can get immediately connected with our team of well-qualified and experienced AOL Customer support experts in order to receive fast and quick solutions to fix it. The technicians are very dedicated to resolving the AOL technical issues or errors in a short time. Hence, connect with dexterous techies now and get effective solutions to AOL queries.