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How to Fix AOL Desktop Update Error?

If you are having trouble with your AOL Desktop Software, or if you receive an AOL Desktop Update error message while using the Desktop Software. Then defined the solutions below can help to Fix AOL Desktop Update Error easily. The causes to happen this update error includes, , using an outdated version of AOL Mail Application, AOL mail IMAP settings, Antivirus issue, Internet issue, and so on. Therefore, here, the blog will explain you simple steps or solutions to solve the AOL Desktop Update Error. Then you require just simply follow the given steps to fix the issue.

Steps to Fix AOL Desktop Update Error:-


Solution 1:- Run a Full Virus Scan

Many time, harmful viruses and malware may avoid AOL Desktop from installing or running properly. You should try to run a full virus scan on your computer using your antivirus software. Though the process it will vary depending on the specific antivirus application that you use, most are sufficient at removing the majority of common infections.

Solution 2:- Check Cable Connection

Sometimes you may not be able to connect to the AOL Desktop due to Internet Connection issue. Then you should try to verify your Desktop connection, in order to meet the essential specifications and connections. Make sure that the cable that is connected properly.

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Solution 3:- Uninstall and Reinstall the AOL Desktop Software

If you have the latest version of the AOL Desktop Software already installed, but are having problems with it, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version can fix most problems. To learn more about uninstalling and reinstalling the AOL Desktop Software, then get our help AOL tech support team to get comprehensive guidance.

Try to perform the work again, but still, if you have any issue, then go to the next solution.

Solution 4:- Clear Cache and Browser History in the AOL Desktop Software

If you are having problems with the web browser in the AOL Desktop Software, clearing your Cookies, Cache, and History can often fix the problem.

In case, after performing the solutions, still, if you are getting the same problem, then you must contact with AOL Technical Support team to get a complete solution.

AOL Helpline Phone Number Is Available 24×7


Call at AOL Customer Support Phone Number +1-855-969-3589, which is accessible 24×7/365 days for your help. You can make an immediate connection with AOL customer support team, where a team of well- knowledgeable and skilled professionals will give you comprehensive guidance to fix the issue. The highly experienced technicians are competent in dealing any kind of AOL technical errors or issues in a less period of time. Hence, pick your phone, dial toll-free number and get online help for your AOL queries.