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How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Got Disappeared Issue?

If your AOL gold icon got disappeared, then you cannot access your email. And after that you may unaware of lots of things or messages that you have received on your mail. it is needed to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Got Disappeared Issue as soon as possible. So, if you are not sufficient to deal with this hurdle, then make a direct connection with tech-savvy person. They will guide you all the possible solution at an ease.

It is a difficult situation and might be somehow annoying that when the users open the computer for the urgent email and they find that ‘AOL Desktop gold icon is missing from the desktop’. Don’t feel blue if you are also getting the same error message as we have a quick solution that we are providing all the steps over here. You may also Update AOL Mail Account to get rid of this infuriating situation.

Solution To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Got Disappeared Issue

Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Got Disappeared Issue

Just follow the instructions mentioned below if really wanna effortless solution at the comfort from your home:

  • At the first point, you are required to open the AOL software in its system
  • After that place the pointer of mouse over the AOL icon which is in the dock
  • Now, hold down the mouse button and wait for the pop-up menu appears
  • And then click on “Keep in Dock option”

Just have a glimpse on the below points:

  • Drag the AOL Icon To The Dock
  • Firstly click on the “Go” menu on the toolbar of AOL software
  • After that choose “Applications” option
  • Now, find the “AOL” icon from the given list
  • And at last drag the “AOL” icon to the dock to make this as shortcut icon on desktop
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Get Connected With Qualified Engineers For Optimum Solution

AOL Tech Support Number

If none of the above written methods are helping you to find the missing AOL desktop gold icon, then don’t be depressed! You will surely get it. But first and foremost, you need to put a call at AOL Tech Support Number and then get associated with the techies who answer your call. They will assist you all the possible solution within a couple of seconds as they have number of years of experience in the same field.