How to Fix Can’t Access AOL Mail?

Although most of the AOL mail sign-in problems are associated with the incorrect username and password entry, you may still get various other errors. That is to say, you might get a sudden blank screen or missing screen while trying to access your mail account. And your PC may end up displaying the error: You Can’t Access AOL Mail.

No matter whatever the problem you are facing while logging into your account, there are some troubleshooting methods that you can try out. So help yourself with the next segment to know about the ultimate fixes covering the AOL issue.


Methods To Follow If You Can’t Access AOL Mail

Here is what you can do to make access into your AOL mail account:

Log-In Again

Sometimes, signing out from the account and re-signing back into the same actually works. You will simply have to sign out of the mail account and re-enter the account credentials (username and password) correctly on the account log-in page. Most AOL users have already tried this out and were successful in eliminating the mail access issue. However, if this doesn’t help, then go to the next solution.

Reset Web Setup

At times, installing a number of browsers can causes changes in the web settings. This may sometimes be the reason for which you can’t access AOL mail. So, we recommend resetting the general settings of the web without changing the settings of other web-browsers on your PC. Then check if it has worked or not.

Resolve Password Issues

If the trouble is due to the incorrect entry of the password and you can’t recall what the actual password is, then try resetting the account password. If you get the message “Invalid password”, you can execute the process by using the account recovery option of your AOL account.

Utilize Another Browser To Log-In

If you are using an outdated or obsolete browser to log-in to your AOL mail account, then it may not work. In that case, try logging into the account through another system browser, for instance; Internet Explorer, etc. Well, if you don’t have another browser installed on your PC, then you need to download one.

Activate Java Applet Scripting

Further effective way to fix the AOL mail access issue is to enable the Java Applet Scripting and cookies. Sometimes, a website does not work properly if the Java scripting is kept disabled.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the JavaScript and cookies are enabled. Also, ensure that the browser history, cache, and its cookies sections are kept clear. Then try to sign-in.

If you still can’t access AOL mail, then help yourself with the further solution from below.

Deactivate Pop-Up Or Firewall Settings

If the firewall feature is enabled on your PC but you are getting a blank screen while trying to access AOL account, then you should disable the firewall or pop-up which is blocking the AOL software. You may also try adding the AOL to the whitelist and check if the solution works for you.

If none of the above methods work out successfully, then contact our AOL Technical Support experts to assist you in this regard.

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