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How To Fix AOL Rejecting Email Due To DMARC Policy?

AOL has updated their email policy to reject mail that does not adhere to DMARC policy. This means that “Mail sent on behalf of AOL Mail users to DMARC-compliant domains will be rejected by the domains.” AOL Rejecting Email Due To DMARC Policy, you are required to lend-up your hands from deft connoisseurs. You might have not enough knowledge about this update. So, be in touch with techies who are extra-talented and also they are updated with the latest technology.


Steps To AOL Rejecting Email Due To DMARC Policy

Fix AOL Rejecting Email Due To DMARC Policy

Follow the below steps to cope-with this hurdle with an ease:

  • If you are sending from an AOL official site address, use AOL’s Email Settings to authenticate with their server
  • Send from your domain instead of using your email settings
  • “From mailing lists, we recommend you to configure reply behavior rather than the sender’s and put the actual user / sender address into the Reply-To: line”
  • “For website operators with share from email functionality, you should consider an email address from your own domain as the ‘From’ address and populate the Reply-To: line with the address of the person sharing”.

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