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As there are certain myths circulating among users regarding the AOL Desktop Gold , it is hard to get correct information. The AOL Desktop developers have launched the latest versions to provide more security to the customers, so you must be aware of the download procedure before upgrading AOL Desktop software. It will help when older versions will no longer run and you have to download the new AOL Desktop Gold. So, if you are using this AOL desktop software and want to know more about it, follow this article. For some reasons, if you are looking for steps to install or uninstall this software, check out the steps as mentioned in this article.

AOL Desktop Gold Download

How AOL Desktop Gold Download  Can Improve Your Device Experience?

As this device is quite easy to use and offers multiple features to users,  it is preferred as an all in one desktop. So, before knowing the method for AOL Desktop Gold Download, check out the following benefits.

  1. The AOL Desktop software will allow you to browse and search content along with mailing features.
  2. If you choose the Premium security features of this Desktop program, it will protect your AOL profile from hackers. As it utilizes enhanced encryption technology for user’s accounts, nobody can access it easily.
  3. It automatically replaces the old updates as soon as the new ones are available, so you can save a lot of time and device space.
  4. In case you are using an older version of this software, the upgradation to AOL Desktop Gold is quite easy without any additional cost.
  5. It offers AOL Mail facility that allows you to access emails on this Desktop software. Even after downloading the new version, you can access existing email messages.
  6. You don’t have to pay for the first 30 days to explore its services along with 24*7 online support. So, you can download the program at first and then decide whether to sign up for paid membership or not.

AOL Desktop Gold Download: Requirements And Steps To Install/Uninstall The Program

Before you implement Download AOL Desktop Gold methods, know the system requirements first. So, check out the PC requirements and instructions to install the program, as mentioned below.

Requirements To Check Before Installing AOL Desktop Gold

In order to download and install the Desktop Gold program, your device must have at least 512 MB memory space free. Also, you have to make sure that your PC is using Windows 7 or higher version OS. Some of the other system requirements include- reliable internet connection, 1GB or above RAM, fast device processor (266 MHZ or above) and higher screen resolution (1024 x 768).

Instructions For AOL Advantage Plan Users

To download the software, go to ‘My Benefits’ and sign in. Then locate ‘AOL Gold Desktop‘ under ‘All Products’ option and click ‘Download Now’. For installing AOL Desktop program, go to the desktop taskbar and click on File Explorer’. Find the icon of ‘Install_AOL_Desktop’ under ‘Downloads’ and double-click the program. Finally, click on ‘Run’ and then ‘Install Now’ option.

Instructions For AOL Desktop Gold Users

To download the program, log into ‘My Account’ page and select Subscriptions’ under ‘My Services’. Then click on ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ from ‘Get Started’ option. After this, follow the installation instructions as mentioned above.

Download Instructions For Users Having Official AOL Confirmation Signup Email

Locate the email with the subject ‘Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold’ in your mailbox. Then click on the hyperlink AOL Desktop Gold Reviews or ‘Update Now’ option. Search for the Downloads folder, click on ‘Save’ and then follow the above instructions.

Instructions To Uninstall Outdated AOL Desktop Software

Open ‘Start’ menu and go to ‘Control Panel’. Search for the AOL Desktop program icon, right click on it and click on ‘Uninstall/ Change’ option. Then follow the on-screen instructions on the AOL Uninstaller Wizard to finish the uninstallation.

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