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How To Add Screen Name To AOL?

However, there are up to seven possible screen names which can be added on the AOL account. If you are also in the same category and eagerly want to Add Screen Name to AOL, then try to get in touch with experienced person. Once you get attached with that tech-savvy person, you will get all ideas in doing so and even could do it by your own very frequently.

The first name you registered your account with is your main screen name and that cannot be changed at any time. But the other screen names created by you can be changed or deleted. So, add the screen name very frequently as per your choice to AOL account and delete it if doesn’t want to see further.

Steps To Add Screen Name To AOL:-

Add Screen Name To AOL

Here is the useful and effective steps which you should follow for adding the screen names. SO, take a glance on the below points carefully:

  • Firstly go to the screen names page by entering the official AOL screen website
  • Now log into your account by entering the main screen name and password into the desired box
  • After that click on “Sign in” button
  • And then click “Create Username” tab
  • Now answer the security question selected by you in the answer field box
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and then enter your password
  • Now choose “Parental Control” settings where you may select whether the account is for mature, young teens, even kids only
  • And at the end click on the “Continue” button
  • After that your new screen name is added in your AOL account
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AOL Support Number

If you have done all the above steps one-by-one but yet not able to add the screen names on your AOL account, then place a single call at AOL Support Number  +1-855-969-3589. It is one of the easiest and cost-effective way to troubleshoot your hurdles from the root as number of qualifies technical engineers are working here. Therefore, your call will be answered by anyone of them and will be helped properly.