Troubleshoot AOL Image Puzzle Error

AOL Image Puzzle Error can be face when you are asking to enter the text into CAPTCHA for the security purpose. So, if you don’t know how to make this hurdles terminated from the root, then place a call on the above helpline number and then get associated with deft techies. They will let you know the steps at a cost-effective manner.

Steps to Resolve AOL Image Puzzle Error

  • Your browser preferences are set to display images and then try again
  • As an alternate way, you can listen the text’s image challenge by clicking on the audio icon
  • Once you have passed an image challenge, you shouldn’t be immediately prompted to pass another
  • Try clearing the cache and cookies or manually passing the challenge though AOL’s image Challenge Security Check site
  • You should check out the AOL Security Center for access
  • It will recommend antivirus software and reset your password to make sure it’s secure

Avail Top-Notch Customer Service For Reliable Assistance

AOL Image Puzzle Error

All you require to do is to make a call at AOL Support Number  +1-855-969-3589 where you will be in touch with deft connoisseurs. They are highly experienced so that your query will be sorted out within a couple of seconds.